Friday, August 18, 2006


from St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague. made by Alphonse Mucha

If our existence is a house, art is a window. My brother recently posted a thought about how art is a mirror, and to some extent I can see what he is saying, and yet I feel this is only a side effect and not art's reality. So it got me thinking of an analogy that I preferred more, and I came up with that of a window. It is possible to see oneself reflected in a window, but I wouldn't call it a mirror, the reflection is faint and surface. What a window actually does is show something beyond, outside of reality, beyond ourselves, though we are flickering on the boundary between, in our transparent reflection. Art is this thing that sits solemn touching the finite, but also allowing us to peer into the infinite, beyond the house, out into the azure.

But I'm rambling now and want to talk about this stained glass pictured above. It was designed and made by the great symbolist painter Alphonse Mucha (a nice timeline). It was commissioned for the St. Vitus Cathedral of Prague in 1931. I rather enjoy when great artists do designs for the Catholic Church, it reminds me of the great medieval and renaissance days, when all good artists did work for the Church. :)

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